4 Most Popular Appetizers to Serve For Shabbat Meals

Image of a vegetable grill

When you have a festive appetizer, your Shabbat meal just got better. The idea is that you want your Shabbat meals to stand out from your regular weekday food. You can cook either meat or parve with a main dish, and you can enjoy them as the first course of the many. The following are some of the most popular meals people serve for appetizers, and we think you should try them out (if you haven’t already.)

1. Grilled Vegetables

They’re simple, and they’re easy to make. Have your children pick out their most favorite vegetables and grill them just in time for the meal. To make this a bit more fun, cut them up in a way that your children will enjoy eating them!

2. Artichokes With Mayo

These are one of the best appetizers to try especially during lunch. We found that children love to pull off their leaf one at a time until they’ve reached the heart. It’s a fun and healthy way to enjoy with the family.

3. Gefilte in Tomato Sauce

You don’t have to work hard to make family meals. You can still enjoy a perfectly delicious gefilte¬†fish without being in the kitchen all day long. How? Purchase a frozen gefilte¬†fish load and then cover it with tomato sauce. When you’re done, bake it and serve for Shabbat.

4. Mushroom Blintzes

One of the best appetizers to enjoy during Friday night are mushroom blintzes. You can make them in a large batch and put them in the freezer until you’re ready to eat! Defrost them when you’re ready to heat and serve!