What’s the Big Deal About Kosher Food?

Anise Tapas Kosher Food

Sometimes, we’ll hear the word kosher through on some tv show. Is it a special diet? Are you not allowed to it certain things? What’s so special about a kosher diet? Well, let’s go back to the basics.

What is Kosher Food?

Kosher means acceptable and proper, and with that meaning, it has informally¬†been accepted in the English language. Still, many of its laws are derived from the Bible, and they’re heavily mentioned in the Talmud and many Jewish traditions. Centuries of practices and changing situations have shaped its laws to modern times that govern the OU kosher certification.

It’s More Than Just a Diet

Those who practice a kosher lifestyle are already familiar with the extent of its standards while some are not familiar with it.

You see, in the Bible, there’s a list of food that is deemed non-kosher. Some animals like rabbit, pork, owl, eagle, sturgeon, and catfish are against the kosher laws. On the other hand, it’s okay to eat poultry such as chicken or beef. Still, a kosher diet is strict because you can’t simply go to any grocery store and shop for meat. The animal has to have an OU certification before can even purchase the item. Why the strict law? Kosher fowl and meat are slaughtered in the quickest most humane as possible.

In no way is it possible to mix dairy and meat in the same meal. In fact, it’s so strict that traditional kosher kitchens will separate their preparations. One area for dairy, and another for meat.

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal? Why are many kosher foods in need a strict supervision? Well, let’s take a look at cereal for example. In itself, cereal might be non-kosher because of how it was made. In fact, equipment used for non-kosher food is not allowed to be used for kosher food until it has taken the process of posterization.