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Anise Tapas Grill can carry your next event, if it’s a small birthday or an anniversary,

we can accommodate up to 100 guests, don’t hesitate to call

We are available every day: 702.586.4088

Karin B. – General Manager

It’s a tough world out there, but when you’re within Anise’s doors, Sarit will make sure you’re taken care of! She knows your satisfaction is our success.
Sarit draws from extensive experience in many service industries, and knows how to listen to your needs.
So relax, enjoy, and let her know all about the good… the bad…. and even the ugly! With your help, Anise will learn and grow! Our fate is in your hands, Beloved Customer!

Carly – Bartender

Our resident pander serves the stuff that leaves you dumbfounded and wondering why you just came-to in a wretched taxi, green lipstick on your collar (it is Las Vegas, after all).
You need to know this guy, so make friends.
His name is… irrelevant.
He will turn you into The Most Interesting Man/Woman/Cretin/Vegetable in the World, in that order.

Bottoms up!