How to Live a Healthy Kosher Life

man at a kosher restaurant

To some people, living a life that is kosher can be difficult as many people in the United States don’t exactly know what it is. That being said, there are not a lot of restaurants or supermarkets that caters to kosher. So, eating out can be dwindled down to a small amount of restaurants. Because of this, many opt to staying at home and cooking their own food instead.

While eating at home is actually a healthier alternative than eating out, there are still some times when people catch themselves consuming unhealthy food simply because junk food is the easiest one to grab out of the pantry. There are a few tips to eating a healthy while staying kosher. The following are just some insights:

  • Mix and match beans, fruits, grains, and vegetables with meat. Again, eating kosher cannot be eaten with dairy products when meat is involved. Make sure to eat these food in small portions so that you tend to feel more satiated. This helps with maintaining your weight.
  • European and Americanized Jewish cuisines should be limited as they are high in oils and fats. They are good to enjoy every so often as kosher food are quite limited, but in order to stay healthy, eating out should always be limited.
  • When snacking, choose nuts and fruits since they are filling due to their high fiber contents. They are also very nutritious for the body leaving you feel fuller than eating junk food which are high in calories.
  • When you’re having a hard time finding kosher meat, eat eggs. Eggs are very filling as well as delicious. They contain a natural source of nutrients that the body needs such as vitamins, minerals and protein.
  • Tofu and fish is okay as a substitute if meat is not available. They are also much more healthier for you.