Popular Shabbat Dishes

Anise Tapas challah bread

In Jewish communities, Shabbat is a very important day. It’s a holy day filled with traditions as you spend a day remembering the One Above. Because Shabbat is a special day, we prepare kosher catering to residents who don’t have time to cook! What are some of the popular dishes to prepare?

Challah Bread

Without a doubt, there is no Shabbat without challah bread. It represents manna bread which was sent from heaven to the Israelites as they spent 40 years in the desert to the promised land. This is a slightly sweet bread that many people make with raisins and other toppings of their choosing.

Gefilte Fish

This dish is made with a poached mixture of deboned fish. It’s usually made with pike, whitefish, or carp which is eaten more as an appetizer. Many Ashkenazi households would have this type of food, and serve it during Shabbat.

Matzah Ball

This is a dumpling soup with a mixture of chicken fat, margarine, water, oil, matzah meal and eggs. Matzah balls are typically served along with chicken soup, and it has become a staple meal for Passover.


This baked casserole or pudding is usually made with potato or egg noodles. Often, you’ll see this during Yom Tov and Shabbat. Kugel is known as ball, globe, or sphere which is a reference of their puffed-up shape dishes. But now, you’ll usually see them baked in square pans.


Also known as Hamin, this traditional Jewish stew is one of the most delicious meals. It’s simmered for about 12 hours and enjoyed during Shabbat lunch. This dish was made over time to adhere to the Jewish laws as people observed the holy day. This food is then made using a hot plate or slow cooker to eat the following day.