What is Kosher?

kosher bread

There are many people who are interested in eating kosher food, but are not quite sure what it is. The idea of culture is striking to them, with some general idea of what it is. So, we decided to share some of these information with you to help you on your way!

What is kosher?

These are food that is allow to be eaten under the Jewish dietary law. It has restrictions like what type of animals could or could not be eaten, a process in which the meat is to be slaughtered, and a separation of milk and meat.

General dietary laws for kosher:

Poultry such as turkey, chicken, geese, and quail is okay whereas it is forbidden to eat vulture, hawk or eagle. In terms of fish, kosher falls under salmon, cod, herring, tuna, and carp. It is forbidden to eat clam, octopus, lobster, crab, sturgeon, shrimp, or swordfish. In terms of fruits and vegetables, they all fall under kosher food as long as they are clean.

Special kosher food

Beef, goats, sheep and deers are allowed to be eaten as long as they are ritually slaughtered, and they have no diseases or flaws. But is forbidden to eat camel, pork, rodents, reptiles and any animals that died naturally. Also, meat and dairy has to be eaten separately within a six hour duration from each other. Which means that it is forbidden to eat a cheeseburger with milkshake, or anything of the like.
Stay tuned for more information here on our blog/recipe section! We want  to provide you the best kosher restaurant, that practices both tradition, but still be able to provide you a delicious meal!